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I love witches, and I love the gays, so gay witches?? Yes, please!!

Yonna is a witch, an old one, and after her last breakup, she's decided to roam the southern US on her motorcycle with her familiar and enjoy her immortality. But a gang of vampires have a different idea. They're after Yonna's ex, Esme, the one who created the witches and the vampires, and it's up to Yonna to stop them.

I hate that we don't get a ton of information until roughly the end. I had to piece together a lot of the lore, and even then I was only half-right. I don't read a ton of comic books, so maybe it's just me, but the pacing was super weird. I really think it's a me thing, because all of the comics I've read are like this.

But hoo-boy, the rest of it was great. I love the colors, the art style, and the story was super original. It's hard to do something new with witches and vampires, but this was great. I loved the different levels of the story, but I wish we'd gotten more. Since this is a series, maybe they took stuff out to make it book-form, but I'd like more explanations. I want to read about the castle in the sky, the why and the when and the what. How did Hunger Child come to be? What were the witch wars? What's with the kinda-Catholic Hex Hunters? I want more!!

The music aspect was awesome. While I didn't listen to the songs, I'm sure they added to the atmosphere and the story. 10/10.

I didn't realize the artist also worked on the Modern Witch Tarot deck, which is one of my favorites. It's such a good deck, and also the one that made me realize my significator is absolutely the Hermit.

Also the representation! We have size rep, LGBTQ+ rep, BIPOC rep... it's great. I love my books diverse.

Anyway. I love this story, and I hope they put out another book because I don't know where to get comic books these days, haha.

Did I like? Yes.

Recommend? Absolutely, specifically for fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and old Western TV shows.

Trigger warnings: body horror, cursing, grief, murder, vomit, war, alcohol, blood, death, gun violence, injury/injury detail, abandonment, violence, gore, racism (depictions of [dead] kkk members)


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