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Wilder Girls

Two things I love the most: the LGBT and horror!

Hetty, Reese, and Byatt are inseparable. Even when their all-girls boarding school was shut down, even when people started getting sick, and even two years into the disease that‘s plaguing them all: they have each other’s backs. That is, until Byatt goes missing, and then Hetty will stop at nothing to get her back.

I think the thing I disliked the most about this story is that it’s over, and we’re probably not going to get another one. I think the ending was very consistent with the story. It’s ambiguous, and I can appreciate that, I just wish there was more! I want Reese and Byatt and Hetty to live happily ever after, you know? I think they deserve it.

Well, I didn’t like that it was over and I didn’t like that Hetty and Reese up and abandoned the rest of the group, especially after Hetty risked her life to save some of them. Why would you then leave the group to the jet planes? I get that the whole premise beforehand was fend for yourself but either them leaving everyone or Hetty saving the youngest was out of character.

I really loved the relationships between Hetty, Reese, and Byatt. Seeing things from Byatt’s perspective, too, was interesting because it really proves what Reese said: Byatt showed a different side of herself to Hetty than she did to Reese. The writing style that changed between Byatt and Hetty was really neat, too, because it showed just how messed up Byatt was, and how the sickness changed Byatt.

I liked Hetty and Reese’s relationship too. I wish we’d gotten more of them, but I understand that they’re weird, what with Hetty killing Reese’s dad and asking Reese to put everyone in danger. I appreciate that their relationship has the boundaries that it does. I can only hope that they’re able to move on and find the peace they deserve.

The trauma that these kids have been through is going to take so much time to parse out, and I really want to know what happens when the worm is out. Byatt is still alive, somehow, so does that imply that there’s more worms? Or that she’s going to keep living because the gas is made to target the worm? What happens to their adaptations when the worm is taken out?

I also like that the answer is so simple: it’s a parasite. It’s a parasite, and taking it out could heal them, but no. After two years and so much research, the Navy is going to kill a bunch of children and abandon the project like nothing ever happened. Honestly, it tracks.

I loved this book a lot. I love me a good dystopian sci-fi horror with a splash of sapphics. This book would’ve been great to read around Halloween, because the spooky mysterious vibe was great.

Trigger warnings: forced institutionalization (technically), blood, death of a parent (on page), animal cruelty, abandonment, animal death (on page), body horror (the whole book), cursing, gaslighting, gore, grief, injury/injury detail, mental illness (anxiety, depression, etc.), murder (on page), self-harm (implied), suicide (on page), violence, child death (on page, implied), death, gun violence (against animals, threatened people), food insecurity/shortage, menstruation, menopause, mass murder (implied)

Did I like? Yes

Recommend? Absolutely, especially for fans of Aliens, climate change dystopia, and superpowers


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