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We Have Always Lived in the Castle

I love Shirley Jackson.

Mary Katherine Blackwood lives in her family’s mansion with her sister, Constance, and their uncle, Julien. They are the last remaining Blackwoods after the rest of their family was murdered, a crime for which Constance was acquitted. They have always lived in their castle, and Merricat will be damned if anyone tries to take that away from them.

Like I’ve said before, Shirley Jackson is probably one of my favorite authors. I’m so upset it took me this long to read her work, and upset that there’s a finite amount of it.

I kept forgetting that Merricat was supposed to be 18 years old. She’s an adult, but the way she’s written and the way she acts, you think she’s a 12yo or the like. Jonas must be protected at all costs. The trauma these characters have gone through, too, is ridiculous. Poor Constance. None of this was her fault and yet.

I want to read Julien’s book.

Trigger warnings: death, murder, fire, fire injury, death of parent, mental illness, child death, mental illness, panic attacks/disorders, suicide


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