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Wayward Son

Originally published: Mar 29, 2020. New additions are in this color!

It’s much smaller than Carry On, so I’m only a little worried.

Simon Snow is…the chosen one? After the events of Carry On, Simon has it all. He defeated the bad guy, he’s got Baz, and he graduated from Watford. But Simon is depressed, so Penny plans a trip to the US. Simon, Baz, and Penny get a convertible and go on a cross-country trip and run into adventure along the way.

Sequels tend to be very disappointing. I put off reading this one, despite getting it as soon as it came out, because I was so worried it wasn’t going to live up to its predecessors. I really shouldn’t have been worried, though.

Simon’s characterization was *chef’s kiss* in this book. I never thought about the fact that Chosen Ones go on after their plotlines end, and this just shows how low someone can get after their purpose has happened. The one major problem I had with this book were the characters, though. I wanted to strangle the characters for some of their decisions, but I can’t say they were out of character. It just hurt me so much to see them break their own hearts, and some in very idiotic ways.

I really enjoyed Penny in this book. All of the characters had to face some sort of thing that they weren’t used to, but Penny, who was a little insufferable in the last book, struggled through her own problems. Maybe she was only powerful and special because she was friends with Simon. Maybe she jumps first, thinks later, and steamrolls people into getting what she wants. It’s heartening to see her grow a little as a person, and I think Shepard can help with that, if she lets him.

I love Shepard with my whole heart. He’s such a sweetie, and I really hope Penny and her family can help him with his curse. I think he can be really grounding for Penny too, so I hope they develop a better relationship than they had in this book.

Poor Agatha! I feel for her, and I was so excited for her to get free and make her own way. I hope she is able to be more her own person in the next book, because she started to become one this book. She deserves to find her own way.

The angst with Simon and Baz is kiiiiilling me. They deserve to be happy after everything they’ve been through. Simon just needs to get his shit together, though, because I understand what he’s going through. I have depression too, even though it’s not exactly the same circumstances, but he needs therapy before he damages all the relationships around him. And Baz needs a hug, desperately.

The plot of this book was pretty balanced, and I appreciated it. While it’s much smaller than the first and third books, it’s still pretty great. The second read-through was more enjoyable than the first, so I have deemed it worthy of a ratings upgrade. I had a great time reading it, even though I knew the general direction the book was going in.

Anyway. I hope the wait for book 3 is less agonizing than the wait for book 2.

Trigger warnings: blood, animal death, violence, mental illness, kidnapping, death, homophobia, gun violence


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