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Time Skip

So I’ve read three books between my last post and this one. I finished annotating my copy of Twilight, which I only enjoyed reading because I could make myself laugh with the annotations. It’s truly an awful book, and I wouldn’t recommend reading it except for satire, if at all. Instead, read about the Quilleute’s Move to Higher ground project here because they deserve more coverage than SMeyer.

The second book was The House in the Cerulean Sea, which is about an orphanage that houses the antichrist, among some other ‘evil’ children in a world where magical creatures are controlled and discriminated against. The author, TJ Klune, hit some backlash when he said in an interview that he wrote this book because he heard about the schools Indigenous children were sent to, and where ultimately many of them died. You can read an in-depth thing here. Klune did say he wrote House in the Cerulean Sea because he understood that it wasn’t his place to write about experiences that weren’t his own, but still. The parallels are…not great.

The third book was The Daughters of Ys, a graphic novel that I read in about an hour at work (it was slow, don’t yell at me). It was cute, a little graphic, but I loved the art style. It was a really neat book about a legend I wasn’t familiar with. There’s not a lot I need to say about it, so I didn’t want to make a full post. Very enjoyable, and would recommend to anyone who’s a fan of mythology.

Anyway, regularly scheduled posts will continue from here, and hopefully I won’t fall so far behind again. :)

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