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The Kiss Curse

I read the Ex Hex and figured I might as well keep going!

Vivi's cousin, Gwyn, runs the only witchy store in Graves Glenn. That is, until Rhys' brother Wells moves in next door to open a rival store. With Halloween right around the corner, Gwyn is pissed, and so starts a semi-friendly competition with Wells. That is, until she starts losing her powers.

Starting, per the usual, with what I didn't like. I'm really ovet this romance-specific trope where the characters flat-out refuse to say "I love you" forever becuase they "don't want to tie down the love interest." I get that it's a consent thing, or whatever, and it's meant to show how much they care for each other, but it's a play on the miscommunication trope that drives me fucking batty. It's been in the past...four romance books I've read and I'm over it. Stop. It just makes the shortened timeline that much more obvious.

Also, as they point out a couple times, it IS weird that Gwyn and Wells get together since they're cousins by marriage. It'll make any possible kids they and Rhys and Vivi have both cousins AND second cousins. I swear if the inevitable third books is Bowen and Gwyn's mom I'm outta here.

Now, what did I like?

I really enjoyed the rivals to lovers aspect. It wasn't like they were enemies, but it made sense why Gwyn was mad. It also made sense why they stopped fighting. I like them as a couple, even if I'm a tad upset that, while Gwyn is gay, the story isn't gay. I do think Gwyn and Wells make a good couple, though.

The twist ending was totally unexpected, and I appreciate it. Guessing is fun too, but I like when I'm wrong. Red Herrings and whatnot are hella great.

I did end up liking this one more than the Ex Hex, I will say. Rhys and Vivi were great, but I just love Gwyn and Wells' dynamic that much more. I look foward to seeing them, however brief, in Bowen's book (if there's a third).

Did I like? Yes.

Recommend? Yes, especially if you liked the last book, and if you like grumpy-sunshine, rivals to lovers interactions.

Trigger warnings: sexual content (pretty mild tbh), violence, blood, alcohol, death (kind of), cursing


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