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The Christmas Wedding Guest

The last of my MMPB’s for the Winter Games.

Reggie Sommerville hasn’t been home for a while, or at least since her engagement that lasted a whole day. Dena Sommerville is pregnant, alone of her own volition, and running a successful hotel. With Reggie returning home for their parents’ wedding vow renewal, and Dena gearing up for the busy Christmas season, will they find the love they’ve lost hope in?

Thank god this is the last of my MMPBs, because I am very tired of reading about straight white people.

The setting is this weird little town, and you only Micah the rockstar is the one that even comments on it. I guess it would be a charming place if the things they did were more commonplace, but it reads more like the magical small towns I’ve read about in some of my witchy books.

Dena is a strong independent woman who needs no man except Micah. She’s a little annoying, especially when she’s so caught up in wondering if her life is “too small” for Micah or when she takes the word over one of Micah’s exes over the man that she’s grown to know.

Toby and Reggie are just so overwhelmingly bland that they needed a child, a giant dog, and a car accident to have any characterization whatsoever. Their storyline was just so annoying. Toby was so hot and cold, and I wanted to strangle them both.

Just like with A Wedding in December, I knew it was going to be a happy ending, but it was still frustrating. Also, Micah’s song wasn’t good.

Trigger warnings: child abuse, car accident, sexual content


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