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I had this book described to me as Heathers but werewolves, and if that's not accurate--

Becca is new to the Piedmont area, and so she's very grateful to her new friends for taking her in so quickly. It doesn't hurt that they're also the most popular kids in school. When they finally let her in on all their secrets, Becca doesn't hesitate to say yes, even if that means turning into a wolf once a month.

There wasn't really anything super big that got to me for this one, I just wanted more! And since there isn't a planned sequel to this one that I know of, I'm a little sad it ended the way it did.

I liked a lot of it, though. The relationships between the characters was so good, and it's what almost made me cry at the end.

I also really liked the relationship between Becca and Marley. It was nice to see a relationship bloom out of friendship, and they both deserve something healthy.

The callbacks to Teen Wolf, Heathers, and Mean Girls were great. I love a nostalgia moment, and the werewolf aspect just gave such a great spin on these popular storylines.

I also love supporting women's wrongs. This reminded me of a younger-people version of They Never Learn, which is a great book I'll be finishing in November.

And diversity once again! I didn't particularly agree with Amanda's characterization, coming from two non-Black creators, but I hope she's thriving. I want to know what's happening with her now. And a Hijabi werewolf? That's something I've never seen, and I like the direction it's going. More representation please!! Diversify your books and your reading habits!!

Did I like? Yes.

Recommend? For fans of Buffy, Teen Wolf, Heathers, Mean Girls, or anyone that's wanted to eat the heart out of that creepy boy, absolutely.

Trigger warnings: cursing, lesbophobia/homophobia, abandonment, gore, toxic friendship, alcohol, death, self-harm (there's one panel, but I might be reading too much into it), infidelity, blood, body shaming (from the main group), cannibalism (technically), eating disorder (mentioned, derogatorily), injury/injury detail, vomit (mentioned), bullying (by main group), classism, murder, violence, racism (microaggressions towards Becca, Amanda)


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