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And finally the reason why I reread the Wolves of Mercy Falls series!

Isabel, after the events of the past book, found herself living with her aunt in California as her parents go through a divorce. She’s trying to heal herself. It’s not really working. Cole St. Clair is back from the dead, and offered a deal to make music and do what he does best: thrive in the spotlight. And also get the girl. Mostly to get the girl. In the warmth of LA, what could possibly go wrong?

I got this book just before it came out and it was the first time I met Stiefvater. I was so excited to read it that I left it on a shelf for the next 7 years, ya know?

Anyway. I really did love this book. Cole is a lot, and LA is the perfect setting for him. Isabel has gone through so much and she deserved a good ending, and she got it. This book was so much fun. I’m sad to have finished this world, but I can only imagine it gets better from here for them.

Trigger warnings: addiction, suicidal thoughts, alcoholism, drug abuse, drug use


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