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It’s not counted in my reads for this year, but I absolutely remember rereading it sometime before I read Forever and Sinner.

Grace is friends with the wolves in the woods, and one in particular with yellow eyes intrigues her beyond measure. Sam lives two lives: the one human, in the warmth of summer, and the one in fur, in the cold of winter. When Sam and Grace meet, one of them bleeding out onto the porch of the other, Sam is going to stay human for her, or die trying.

I first read this book in…middle school? Or early in high school. I was just a wee teenager, so I didn’t understand everything that happened in these books. Rereading this book, I fell in love with Sam and Grace’s soft romance. The mystery behind the wolves, the mystery behind Grace, and Sam’s struggle to stay human are so compelling, I eat this book up.

I love this series.

Trigger warnings: child abuse, death, blood, self-harm, animal death, violence, animal cruelty, fatphobia, mental illness


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