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Queen of Shadows

Also not as bad as the first two.

Celaena, or the long lost princess Aelin, is back and Adarlan and ready for blood. Dorian is imprisoned, Chaol on the run, and Aelin must fight for her friends and to topple the king that took everything from her. Together with her cousin Aedion, she’s going to bring Adarlan to its knees.

Another one of my favorite characters is introduced in this book. I LOVE Elide, and she’s such a sweet character.

Manon’s sections are something I start to look forward to. I really enjoy reading about the witches and their wyverns, and a plus! It comes with Elide content. I love the Thirteen and the whole witch culture. Big fan of them.

Now, with Aelin back, shit can hit the fan, and hit the fan it does. Chaol is angry for no reason (he’s the one that SENT Aelin to Wendlyn? He doesn’t get to be mad that she left). I never really liked him, though, so this just gives me another tangible reason to hate him.

Dorian is…well. His life sucks, for sure, and he needs therapy for all that trauma, but I really hope he doesn’t get super emo about it in the next few books.

Lysandra seems cool, but as soon as they brought the ghost leopard into it, her character went so far downhill, because then it was ghost leopard all the time. I get the feeling that she and Aedion are gonna get together eventually, and I’m not here for it.

Rowan showing up for no good reason didn’t really feel like a real thing? Like…it felt forced. Either he would’ve come to Adarlan with Aelin or he would’ve stayed away like she asked. And his pissing contest with Aedion was just as annoying as Aedion’s with Chaol. Or do I just not like Aedion? 🤔 No, Aedion’s fine, I just hate men.

Anyway, the ending was exciting! It was the most exciting of any of the books, I think, and what a bang to end on. The last few pages were a bit much, with Rowan and Aelin starting on their romantic thing (ick. she’s 19 [18?] and he’s old) and Dorian and Chaol at odds with Aelin and her gang (I’m sorry, but she did literally save the city from their own prince but that’s none of my business).

I’m excited to see where this goes, but only concerning Elide, Manon, and the witches at this point.

Trigger warnings: violence, death, blood, slavery, grief, torture, pregnancy


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