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Payback’s a Witch

Here we go!

Emma turned her back on magic, and her home of Thistle Grove, in order to make her own way. But when it comes time for the spellcasting tournament between the four magical families, Emma returns home. Together with her new ally in Talia and old friend Linden, all of them exes of the notorious Gareth Blackmoore, they are going to make Gareth pay for his crimes.

I love me a good witch book, and not only is this a good witch book, but it’s a good romance. I love to see some bisexual representation, and this book delivered.

While I couldn’t exactly relate to Emma (I think I’m more of a Linden), I can understand the wanting to run away after a particularly nasty breakup, and Talia is definitely a step up from Gareth. I wish Linden and her brother got more characterization, but since this is the first in the series, I’m hoping they’re more fleshed out in other books.

I’m such a sucker for magic rules, and unlike a lot of YA and NA magic books these days, the rules are defined for the different sections, and the characters fit neatly within their rules.

It was a really fun book, and the plot never really slowed. I can’t wait to spend more time in Thistle Grove in the next book (I think it’s about Linden’s brother?).

Trigger warnings: sexual content, infidelity, cursing, toxic relationship, alcohol, violence, misogyny, alcohol, gaslighting


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