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Night Shade

Last of the series for now.

Jimena left the gang life behind, but her name is still known on the streets. She’s not scared of anything, until she runs into her dead boyfriend. Veto is back, and he brings with him more questions than Jimena has the answers to.

Alright, starting off with: I hate Collin and Jimena. Their relationship is ridiculous, he’s been super racist to her in the past, and it kind of just comes out of nowhere? I get that all four of the Daughters are boy crazy and whatnot but come on. Can’t she mourn her dead love in peace? Why does she immediately have to jump into another relationship?

Speaking of Veto, you cannot convince me that these characters are 15. I don’t care what the author or the canon says, they’re not 15. I get that Jimena is a crime-hardened ex-gangster, but the way they dress, speak, and act makes me thing that Ewing wants them to be 15 for her ‘we make a choice at 17’ plot but come on. They’re not 15. No 15 year old I’ve ever met acts this way, not even in the 2000s. I think Ewing wants them to be 15, because that’s her target audience, but it just doesn’t make sense with these characters. In my head, they’ll all be 17 or 18, at the youngest, and the 17-year-rule will be like…when they’re 20 and have to do taxes.

I really like Jimena’s character, except for the fact that she’s a stereotype. She’s a 15 year old with a record, tattoos, and is a ‘badass’ even if she’s left the gang life. I appreciate the (very little) diversity she brings to the books, since she’s the only POC, but it makes her being an ex-gang member that much ickier. It’s playing into the stereotype that all Latinx immigrants belong to a gang, they’re violent, etc. and it doesn’t help that Jimena’s family are illegal immigrants. There’s a larger, very nuanced conversation behind characters like Jimena that neither the author, the time this book was written, nor the tone of the series is ready to have. This series means a lot to me, because I read it at a really rough time, but that’s not going to mean I can’t criticize it. There were a lot of different ways Jimena could have been written that would still fit within the Daughters of the Moon series, and I can only hope that reading her story leads to people having the right conversations about immigration, stereotypes, and racism against the Latinx community.

Trigger warnings: gun violence, violence, death


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