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My Sister, the Serial Killer

Three books in one day? I must be in quarantine! (I am).

Korede has covered for her sister three times now. Three murder scenes she’s cleaned up, all for Ayoola’s sake. On top of working as a nurse in a hospital, Korede has enough on her plate without getting her sister out of trouble. But trouble always seems to follow Ayoola, and it’s Korede’s job as the older sister to clean up the messes.

This book was so refreshing after some of the other books I’ve read today. I loved Kindred, but it was very heavy, so something lighthearted was needed as a palatte cleanser, and this one has been sitting on my shelf for a minute now.

It was so good! I haven’t read a vignette style book since high school and I missed the format. I flew through this book in the best way possible. The chapters, while still short, were so wonderful and had great details that humanized the characters.

The whole situation is just so funny, but hey, what’s a big sister to do? I love how calculating Korede is, even though Ayoola’s the one doing the murdering. It sucks that so much time is spent talking about how beautiful Ayoola is, though, because beauty isn’t everything. Ayoola would long be in jail if it wasn’t for Korede, who makes sure that Ayoola understands empathy and that maybe posting a picture of food the day after her boyfriend goes missing is a bad idea. It sucks that Ayoola is so mean to Korede, though, because she’s never going to be able to learn without both of them getting in trouble.

Anyway, without many spoilers, this was such a fun book. I hope that Korede finds happiness in the future, and that the happiness she finds doesn’t piss off her or her sister.

If you’re a fan of Criminal Minds, Brooklyn 99, Dexter, or the like, you’ll love this book.

Trigger warnings: murder, child abuse, death, domestic abuse, blood, death of parent, gaslighting, gore, infidelity, violence


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