My Friend Dahmer

I love true crime, but this is not it. TRIGGER WARNINGS for antisemitism, ableism, and mentions of school shootings.

Told from the perspective of Derf Backderf, this book offers insight into Jeffrey Dahmer’s life before he officially decided to kill people.

I was really expecting more. An insight into his background would’ve been interesting, but not this apologetic shit. I understand it’s a memoir, and cheers to Backderf for finding it in his heart to feel sympathy for Dahmer, but you won’t find any from me. It makes me a little sick that Backderf tried to explain that Dahmer‘s issues were a result of a bad home life, intrusive thoughts, bullying and the like. Plenty of other people have had one or more of those things happen and didn’t stalk and murder other people.

MAJOR trigger warnings for death, ableism (add that to the list of reasons Dahmer and Backderf are both dicks) and antisemitism (unapologetic! Backderf literally dressed at H**ler and said, “in my defense, it brought the house down.” Surprise, my guy, you’re also antisemitic for that shit, and so is everyone who greenlit that. He didn’t even apologize in the year of our lord 2012 and used it as a “haha, look at me dressed as H**ler talked to Jeff Dahmer joke!! What the fuck???)

This book reads a lot like the news reports of school shootings where they try to make it out like the perpetrator was also a victim, but like I said, there are people who are going through the same things, or worse, and don’t choose to instead unalive other people because they are hurting.

This was a book written by an antisemitic ableist who was kind of but not really friends with Dahmer and decided that maybe he, too, could write something to jump on the serial killer bandwagon. Instead, he’s just a man who had a brush with one of the more infamous serial killers out there, and decided that he should capitalize off of it in the form of a half-assed book.

Trigger warnings: animal cruelty, violence, ableism, murder, alcoholism, bullying, animal death, child abuse, gore, addiction, alcohol, antisemitism, blood, death, domestic abuse, mental illness, sexual content, sexual violence, torture


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