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Mexican Gothic

No witches, but same vibes.

Noemi is headed to the manor house of a wealthy English family on the coast of Mexico after receiving a letter from her newlywed cousin. The husband and his family are strangers to her, but her cousin sounded scared, so Noemi is here to rescue her. There’s something off about the house and the family, though, and with the help of the youngest son, maybe Noemi can save her cousin and escape the hell house.

This book is so good. Noemi is… a fantastic character. Her relationship with Francis feels natural and evolves realistically. The vibes are immaculately creepy, and I love how twisty the mystery is. Fans of Hill House, Bly Manor, and the like will love this book.

The addition of the setting, Mexico, and all the bits of Mexican folklore included within the book only add to how great it is. I don’t know a super lot about the culture, but it didn’t matter. Moreno-Garcia is a great author, and I’m adding her to my list of ‘must buy’ authors.

Trigger warnings: violence, body horror, sexual assault, sexism, racism (!!! HEAVY on the racism, including eugenics talks)


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