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I might’ve DNFed, but this book still counts.

Zoey Redbird thinks the only thing she has to worry about is whether or not she looks good for her crush. That is, until she’s marked by a Vampire Tracker, and now she has to go to the House of Night to learn how to be a vampire. Chosen by the goddess Nyx, Zoey is super special, and now she has to figure out vampire high school, or die trying.

I’m 95 pages in, and the last book I DNF’d was Allegiant 8 years ago, but I fucking CANNOT with this book.

First of all, way to whitewash your main “native” character. Very SMeyer of you. How is it that the other POC character (Shaunee, a Black woman) is allowed to have ‘mocha’/‘chocolate’ skin but Zoey goes from ‘tanned’ to ‘pale white’ hm? Sounds very…cultural appropriative, no? Also, learn from the mistakes of the past. It wasn’t ever okay to refer to people‘s skin as foodie items. It’s fetishy and gross, especially considering the historical connotations of comparing Black people to food.

For a book that has a gay character and a Black character in the main cast, this book was *checks notes* fatphobic, transphobic, racist, and slut shame-y all in the first 8 pages! And it only gets worse!! This is why I fucking DNFed, because there is much better shit out there.

The writing was annoying as fuck, Zoey was super judgmental and annoying as fuck, all the other characters were shallow and annoying as fuck…did I mention how annoyed I was with this book?

I read it back in middle school (and bc of the blow job scene in the beginning was subsequently banned from reading it) but as an adult I’ve been going through a nostalgia period and this was one of the books I wanted to revisit. Honestly, thanks Mom and Dad for sparing me from the rest of this series.

Trigger warnings: misogyny, toxic friendship, ableism, blood, classism, cursing, excrement, lesbophobia, mental illness, sexual content, sexual harassment, violence, vomit, body shaming, bullying, death, eating disorder, fatphobia, transphobia, alcohol, sexual assault


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