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Again, not counted in the 35 books, but I know I read it.

Something is wrong with Grace. Sam has to figure out how to be human in a world much different than the one he left. Cole is new to this whole wolf thing, but there’s one thing he knows: it’s better than being human. The weather might be warm, but for Sam, Grace, and all their friends, something is coming. And it isn’t good.

Linger is probably the slowest of the four books, but it suffers from the same problem as most middle books in trilogies. Cole really brings a lot to the world, though. Grace and Sam are great, but their romance is very soft. It’s fine for one book, but a second book of the same? Cole and Isabel carried a lot of this book on their shoulders. Isabel as a character is so compelling. Her grief is tangible, and it speaks a lot to the writing that feel for her.

Trigger warnings: suicidal thoughts, animal death, drug abuse, addiction, child abuse, mental illness, terminal illness


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