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Let the Right One In

I was in a class in college called Hauntings and Horrors, and we spent the entire semester reading scary books and it was amazing.

1981, and a body is found in a Swedish suburb emptied of blood. Oskar, a 12yo psychopath, is intrigued by the new girl that‘s moved in next door. She‘s never seen a Rubik’s Cube before, only comes out at night, and there’s just…something wrong with her.

It was a different take on the vampire tale, and I liked that Eli was gender fluid. It was great representation at a time where that stuff was taboo. I still think Oskar is a budding serial killer, but hey, at least he and Eli can live out their murderous dreams together. And their relationship is only the tip of the iceberg for this story.

Trigger warnings: pedophilia (!!!), blood, bullying, animal death, drug use, drug abuse, medical content, alcoholism, animal cruelty


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