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Into the Cold Fire

These books are quick reads.

Serena can hear the call of the Followers. Her abilities are so close to their own, and the dark is calling. But when she witnesses an arcane ritual in the woods, her path brings her to closer and closer to the darkness.

I keep forgetting the main characters are supposed to be 15. They party, they dance with guys, and they really don’t act like 15 year olds, but maybe it’s different in LA, and different in the early 2000s.

Regardless, I enjoy Serena’s characterization and the fleshing out of her powers. I wish they’d spent more time on her relationships with Collin and Jimena, since they are still pretty flat characters. Since the next book is about Jimena, I hope she gets some well-roundedness to her, rather than just badass ex-gang member, WHICH is a stereotype. As the only canon POC in the series, I hope we can move away from the stereotype of the Latinx Tough Gang Girl. Also, Collin calling her ghetto was out of pocket and racist as fuck.

Stanton’s romance with Serena came out of literally nowhere, and I get that Zahi was messing with her memories, but still. You didn’t get to see Stanton and Serena interact at all, which is really annoying when they’re thrown into a relationship together and he’s literally a follower of this world’s great evil, but whatever. I was hoping Serena would be the gay one (I know I’m rereading this series but Serena and Jimena could rule the world).

Anyway, I found it enjoyable, but none of these books are going to be life changing or anything, just a good romp with nostalgia.

Trigger warnings: violence


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