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Heir of Fire

I think this is the highest rated of my reads and rereads of this series.

Celaena, one time assassin and King’s Champion, is in Wendlyn. After the death of her friend Nehemia, she’s not sure what to do, just that she wants revenge on those that ruined her life and the lives of her friends. But while in Wendlyn, she must face her own past and the secrets she’s tried to bury.

I love Manon and Rowan. They’re a couple of my favorite Maas characters, and I’m upset I had to read three books in to get to them.

Dorian, Chaol, Celaena, and Aedion were not as great as Rowan and Manon, but I will say this book wasn’t as bad as the others.

Chaol and Aedion’s pissing contest is very annoying. They’re the same person but in different fonts. And they’re both very annoying in this book. Also, Chaol is a coward, and I hate him.

Dorian’s little side quest with the healer functioned about the same way as Nehemia and Celaena’s relationship, just in a much shorter amount of time. I hate when characters are just used as a plot device for other characters, because I much preferred the healer to Dorian. I want her whole spy story, and Dorian can shove it. He’s so whiny and annoying.

Celaena is an idiot, and the worst friend ever. She’s absolutely right every time she says that she should’ve died instead of Nehemia. Why is it that all the side characters that are so much more interesting are killed off? That, and Celaena spends the whole book being the absolute worst and then tries to make a show of power at the end, and it’s really too little too late.

Just because this is my FAVORITE book out of all of them does not mean that it’s with my favorite books.

Trigger warnings: violence, death, blood, death of parent, physical abuse, grief, slavery, vomit


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