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Goddess of the Night

And I’m already behind, oops.

Vanessa knows she’s being followed, but there’s nothing she can do about it. She could turn invisible, but that would defeat the whole purpose of her secret. Maybe someone already knows, but the only other person she’s told is her best friend, Catty. Can Vanessa figure out who’s after her, before it puts her and Catty in danger?

I read this series in middle school. My best friend and I traded these books back and forth, and when we were gearing up to graduate to high school, our library was getting rid of all the books they had in this series (11 of them to be exact). We asked if we could have the books, but were told they had to be destroyed. Fortunately, I found a compendium copy with the first three, used, online, and decided to read them again.

I remember Vanessa, who is 15, being much cooler when I was younger, but also she seems much older than she’s written. I really don’t like how much she talks about her “molecules” though. Also, maybe since I wasn’t a teen in LA in the 90s, I really don’t understand the outfits and the dancing and the obsession with going clubbing. Even as an adult, clubbing wasn’t fun until I was old enough to drink alcohol.

There are several other problems I have (she’s just fine with Stanton breaking into her house? How can she control her powers so easily after one fight? She was fine believing she was alien but a goddess is too much?) but the nostalgia for these books really did overrule any major problems. I’ve certainly read much worse since middle school, that’s for sure.

These books are just fun, and they have heart. It’s a a wild ride, and I can’t wait to read them again.

Trigger warnings: death of parent, violence


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