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Empire of Storms

Oh for fuck’s sake.

Aelin is finally returning to the kingdom she left far behind so long ago. With magic back in the land, though, the real danger is only beginning. Aelin must gather an army if she has any hope of beating back the forces coming to destroy her world.

Everything was going so well, and now here we are again. And once more I say: the witches and Elide are my favorites, and really the only things getting me through this book. Which is not much, considering the witches are absent for a good part of this 700 page monster.

Alrighty here we go.

To get the velvet-wrapped-steel out of the way, I really fucking cannot with Maas’ sex scenes. They’re just so uncomfortable, and I hate it.

Also, the amount of heteronormativity here is so very annoying. Every fucking character is coupling up and you’ve got me BENT if there is not a single gay character in this giant mess of main characters. I think there’s been a grand total of two gays in this series so far, and they’ve both been old men. I’m tired of it! It’s not fucking hard to write diversity, and plenty of other white authors have done it wonderfully in other books. There have been two POC characters that have been around the main characters (Nesryn and Nehemia) and one of them is dead so.

Lysandra, Rowan, Aelin, Dorian, and Aedion piss me the hell off. If I never have to read the word ‘male’ again, it’ll be too soon. I’m so tired of all the ‘maleness’. I get it, they’re not men, but I still fucking hate them. Lysandra, when she’s not in human form, is in the fucking ghost leopard form and I was over it in the last book. She could’ve been so great, but instead…

Rowan and Aelin make my skin crawl. She’s what, 19? 18? I’m not even sure anymore, but the ANSWER is that she’s way too young. She’s a baby. Maybe that makes me an old person but JESUS. Rowan is fucking old as hell, and their relationship gives me the ick.

Dorian turned emo, and I wanted to drown him. Also him and Manon give me the ick. Manon gave me big gay or ace vibes, and she goes for Dorian? Gross.

Aedion and Lysandra don’t make sense and they aren’t good for each other. Also the ick. Oh, and speaking of Aedion again, his whole thing about being mad at Aelin also pisses me off. She did run away and live a neat little life in Adarlan. She absolutely could’ve gone back once she had the skills to accomplish what she wanted, but she absolutely would‘ve died. He also has no excuse, because he could’ve gone back too. He’s so mad and for what?

That ending was bullshit. Elide deserves better, and I hope she kicks Lorcan in the fucking teeth. That is all.

Trigger warnings: sexual content, violence, blood, torture, physical abuse, vomit


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