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Electric Idol

I really enjoyed this book, possibly even more than the first one.

Eros, son of Aphropdite, is also her personal hitman. So, when Aphrodite wants to get back at Demeter, Eros is ordered to take out Psyche. Psyche, a kind influencer who knows how to play the game, only want to help Eros, and for that she’s going to have to pay. Together, they decide the only way to keep Psyche alive is if she marries Eros, and takes her out of Aphrodite’s clutches forever.

First of all, what I didn’t particularly like. There wasn’t as much repetitive language as the last one, so that‘s certainly better than Neon Gods. The “I don’t want to trap them in this relationship by telling them I love them“ trope was back, though, and I’m not a huge fan, especially two books in a row. I’m gonna be a little annoyed if Helen does the same thing with Achilles and Patroclus in the next book.

I think that was really all I disliked, but it was enough to knock it down a star for me. Onto what I did like though!

I love me a marriage of convenience trope. And Psyche and Eros were just *chef’s kiss*. I think I liked Eros more than I liked Hades, even though they both had the same issue of “I’m a dangerous guy, but you won’t ever get to see how dangerous.” But I really appreciated their relationship.

Also, as a plus-sized person myself, I really loved Psyche and the representation she brought to the book. It was wonderful to see myself in a character like her. Per the last book, I also liked the casual representation everywhere else in the book, because it makes the world that much more diverse.

Aayla doesn’t like her picture taken.

The side characters that made a reoccurrence was wonderful. I adore Juliette, so having her play this role in another book was great. I hope her business is THRIVING.

Overall, I enjoyed Electric Idol more than Neon Gods. I hope Psyche and Eros make appearances in the next books, and I can absolutely see myself reading this one again.

Did I like? Yesssss

Recommend? Absolutely, especially for fans of mafia romances, and who liked the last book.

Trigger warnings: alcohol, body shaming (directed at Psyche), child abuse (towards Eros), sexual content (LOTS OF SEX), toxic relationship (Aphrodite and Eros), gun violence (one gun), cursing, death, emotional abuse (towards Eros), pregnancy (discussed), death of parent (Zeus), violence


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