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Crown of Midnight

Continuing with the meh.

Celaena won the competition to be the King’s Champion, but now she has to live with the consequences. Murdering the king’s enemies for her freedom seems like a small price to pay. But when she catches wind of a conspiracy that involves an old friend, everything she’s ever fought for can be put at risk.

Remember what I said about Celaena and Chaol’s relationship in the last post? I hate it more in this book. It’s disgusting. She’s 18! He’s 25! Come on.

Nehemia was done so dirty in this book. That whole thing was absolutely ridiculous and it makes me so mad. She’s the only POC character and THAT happens to her? I’m so upset. She deserved so much better.

Speaking of Chaol and Celaena’s really gross relationship, the fact that they keep doing things to protect the other but there isn’t any communication? Come the fuck on. If there is no respect in the relationship, it can’t last. I don’t care that both of them were participating in highly illegal activities and they would’ve died had anyone else found out. You’re in a relationship. If there’s no trust, there’s no relationship.

The whole ending of the book made me so mad. The “secret” she’s been keeping it so annoying. It would’ve been more of a surprise if it wasn’t completely based on something that Maas mentions every goddamn chapter. Everyone in this story is dumb. I don’t care what Maas tries to say, they’re all stupid.

And back to the Nehemia thing. I want a book about her and her people, because I guarantee it would be 1000x better than this bullshit.

Trigger warnings: death, violence, murder, sexual content, slavery, grief, vomit, animal cruelty


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