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Cemetery Boys

I read this one for an online book club that lived and died in 2021. Rest in peace.

Yadriel, to prove himself to his family, summoned a ghost. Julian Diaz, said ghost, is a bad boy who wants desperately to figure out what went happened. Together, and with the addition of Yad’s cousin, Maritza, the boys are on a mission to solve Julian’s murder so Yadriel can cross him over. What happens, though, when emotions get involved?

While it was more on the younger side of YA (Yad, Julian, and Maritza are 16), I really enjoyed reading this book. Not only is Aiden Thomas on TikTok, but they also had a hand in diversifying a genre that absolutely needs it. A magical Latinx family, a transgender boy and his POC boyfriend, and the exploration of a refreshingly new kind of story.

Trigger warnings: transphobia, blood, death, death of parent, deadnaming, violence


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