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Carry On

I loved this book, and when I found out there was a sequel, I had to reread it. I originally read it in 2017.

Simon Snow is the chosen one. He goes to a magical school, Watford, and his mentor has been grooming him to defeat a great magical enemy, the Humdrum. His rival, Baz, is also up to something, probably. It doesn’t help that Simon’s girlfriend broke up with him (probably for Baz), and it’s his last year in school. Basically, this is a much better Harry Potter that isn’t written by a raging TERF.

This was the second time I’ve read the book, and I devoured it a bit slower this time. It was just as good as I remembered. The magic rules are so unique, and so fun, and the characters prove over the story to be more than their tropes.

Carry On is such a heartwarming book, and such a thrill to read. It‘s an excellent addition alongside Fangirl, and it might be magical, but it’s no less relatable.

Now to read the sequel!

Trigger warnings: death, kidnapping, death of parent, violence, animal death, suicide attempt, homophobia, bullying, suicidal thoughts


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