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Any Way the Wind Blows

Doesn’t really matter to me….to meeeeeee…..

After their adventures in America, Penny, Baz, and Simon sneak Shepard back to the UK, where something strange is afoot. Baz’s stepmother has gone “missing” after she fell in with one of the new ‘Chosen Ones’ that took up the mantle when Simon lost his magic, but this one might be the real deal, and he’s promising magic to the masses. There’s still a prophecy that many consider unfinished, and it’s up to Penny, Simon, and Baz to get to the bottom of this before it’s too late.

This hurt me a lot in the beginning, but I’m glad I finally got around to reading it and finishing the trilogy. First off: what I didn’t like.

The main trio was split for a majority of this story. It made sense, considering that they were fighting and then following different trails to end up in the same place, but it was a little frustrating when one would find out a clue that the other needed. I appreciated it, it just got tedious in some places.

I also understand why the plotline with Shepard and the demon were necessary, considering that was introduced in the last book, but I feel like a lot of it could‘ve been put into the last book so it wasn’t such an information dump in this one. I did like all the stories, though, and hearing about the adventures that Shepard’s been on.

I know there’s a lot of discourse around straight women writing mlm romance, and I will say there were a couple of scenes that made me uncomfortable when I remembered who was writing this, and to which target audience. Spice is generally appreciated, but sometimes (like here) it really isn’t needed.

That being said, I fucking loved this book. A lot of times, the author will drop the ball on the third book, so it was refreshing having someone who didn’t write a shit third book.

Simon and Baz deserve all the happiness, and I’m so glad things worked out. I also liked that they had their fight and their reunion more towards the beginning of the book, rather than at the end. I understand that‘s a romance trope, and how most romance books go, but I like a little adventure in my urban fantasy-romance, thanks. It means that the story can progress further without that one particular distraction.

I really like Penny and Shepard as a couple. Penny needs someone who can ground her, and help her relax, and Shepard is perfect for that. And Shepard needs someone to keep him out of trouble as he travels, and that’s what Penny’s good for. They’re a very balanced couple.

The same can be said for the overall story. It’s very balanced between the romances and the adventure plotlines. Rowell managed to pack a lot into this book, but while it did slow in a couple places, it was consistent. It was also really funny, which was consistent with the other books in the trilogy. I know this is the last book, but the world Rowell built is so neat and cute, and I’m going to miss it a lot.

Trigger warnings: abandonment, alcohol, gore, injury/injury detail (on page), medical content (wing amputation), mental illness (depression, anxiety), violence, animal cruelty (vampire’s gotta eat), animal death, blood, body horror, body shaming (self - Simon), child abuse (past, discussed), cursing, death (discussed), death of parent (past), fatphobia (Simon, again), grief, homophobia (directed at Simon/Baz), panic attacks/disorders (on page), sexual content (on page), war

Did I like? Yes

Recommend? Absolutely, especially for fans of Harry Potter, but wished there was more diversity and the author wasn’t such a shitty human being.


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