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An Elderly Lady Is Up to No Good

It took me too long to pick up this book, and just in time for the sequel!

Maud is 88, and she is alone, but that’s fine with her. She’s worked hard to get where she has in life, and there’s nothing she’s come up against that couldn’t be solved with a little murder.

Let me start this off by saying that I want to be Maud when I grow up.

She’s so funny. I know she could probably be a clinically diagnosed sociopath, but she’s just so damn charming. It’s weird that a book about a little old lady literally committing murder can be cozy, but this book about a little old lady committing murder is so cozy. I will definitely be returning to this book on rainy fall days in the future.

Trigger warnings: blood, death, injury, injury detail, mental illness, murder, violence, domestic abuse, alcoholism, gore, dementia, mental illness


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