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A Wedding in December

The next in my MMPB streak. I was participating in a competition over on Litsy, the Winter Games, and these were cheap and easy to read and also got me a ton of points.

Maggie and Nick White are separated, and actively trying to hide their pending divorce from their daughters. Rosie is caught up in a whirlwind romance, and plans to get married on Christmas, and she couldn’t be happier. Katie is a doctor, and she’s seen the worst come out of so-called love, so if she can save her sister from herself, then she’s done her job. As Christmas gets closer, they’re all going to have to work hard to keep their secrets safe from one another.

Another fun little romp, the characters felt like real people making real mistakes, haha. It was so frustrating watching them flail around, but at least it was believable. It reminded me of my Alaskan vacation from May, and I desperately wanted to go back. The stakes felt real, even though I knew this was a MMPB and the ending would be happy, there was a moment there I thought it might all fall to pieces.

And once again, these characters need therapy. All of them. Katie has PTSD, Maggie and Nick need to work out their marital issues, and…well, Rosie seems relatively fine, but her marriage did start off pretty rocky. Therapy would help them all greatly.

Trigger warnings: sexual content



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