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A Girl Called Echo, Vol 1 & 2

Sometimes, at work, I get to read multiple books.

These graphic novels were written by Indigenous Canadians about the history of their people, when the colonizers came to their land. Echo is a young woman living in modern-day Canada who is separated from her Indigenous mother, and thus her culture. Through music and books she finds in the library, she falls into dreams where she experiences the past with her people.

My bookstore only had the first and second volumes, but I will be on the lookout for the other two. It was a very informative read, and I appreciated the timeline in the back. As someone from the United States, I don’t hear much in the mainstream besides the multiple travesties of the reservation schools (learn more about them here and here and here).

The novels were very succinct and the art style was so good. It‘s a great start for anyone looking for more information about the Métis and their history.

Trigger warnings: genocide, colonialism, racism, separation of parent and child, forced institutionalization, bullying, depression

Did I like? Yes

Recommend? Absolutely, especially for people looking to start learning about the indigenous communities around them


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