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I am a neopagan witch, interested in my Celtic heritage, but this book is…something else.

A book produced by Llewellyn and focusing heavily on Wicca, the Yule Sabbat Essentials outlines different ways to celebrate the winter solstice. Inside there are rituals, recipes, lore, and correspondences to use during one’s own celebration.

This book is…okay. There were references, but also a lot of books like this come with appropriation, and it’s up to the individual to cross-reference whatever they read.

This book is mostly aimed at Wiccans and pagans who celebrate in groups. As a lone neopagan, though, it’s a good starting point. I will be doing a lot of research into everything presented between the covers.

This book should not be your end-all-be-all! With any ritual or any information, really, you’ve got to do further research. This book is a good basis, but you have to ask questions like “why evergreens?” or “what does my path say about mistletoe/Yule logs?” Also look out for red flags like: smudging, talking about Druids, etc., all of with are from closed practices and their rituals are NOT for cherry picking. If you’re not a part of said practice, you don’t get to use their rituals. Period. End of story. Which is why we do our research!

Trigger warnings: fire?


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