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Meddling Kids

What could go wrong when a straight man writes lesbians? Everything. And transphobia.


My Friend Dahmer

But actually they’re not friend, more acquaintances. And you could get every piece of information this book had from a better written article that doesn’t want you to sympathize with a serial killer. Also: unapologetic ableism leads to being “friends” with said serial killer, apparently.


House of Earth and Blood

You would think a book that is 800 PAGES LONG would be at least sometimes interesting, but you would be wrong. Since this book is New Adult, instead of YA, SJM felt the need to have every character say ‘fuck’ at least once per page, but at least we were spared her terribly written smut.


The Babysitter's Coven

If you enjoy YA books that read more like middle grade written by an out of touch Gen X, then this is the book for you! The high schoolers in this book talk in text speech, the magic rules are vague and broken almost immediately after they’re introduced, and the characters are flat and boring.


Christmas in Alaska

A reprint of stories that should have been tossed aside, there is entirely too much racism, kidnapping, and assault jokes and not enough Alaska.


Tower of Dawn

Ableism is the least of this books’ problems. I’ve always found Chaol to be insufferable, and the romance in this book is bland. It was neither what I asked for nor what I wanted from the Throne of Glass series.


The Southern Book Club's Gentlemen Guide to Slaying Vampires






For a more in-depth review (complete with trigger warnings), see my post. I hate this book though.



Racist, homophobic, fatphobic, slut shaming, assault, and all within the first 30 pages! The first book in 8 years bad enough that I DNF’ed.



Do I need a whole text box to explain why this book is bad? I shouldn’t need a whole text box to explain why this book is bad.

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